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My purpose for the roadtrip nation project is to find my path in life, by interviewing and metting new people that have the same dream that i do, and have already achieved what my goal in life is it really helps asking them for advice.



Melissa Jones

Home Base:
Roseville High School



  • Leader: Ricardo Gonzalez
  • Occupation: Radiology Tech.
  • Company: Pomona Valley Hospital
  • Industry: Medicine and Health
  • Interests: Medicine, Science/Technology

Ricardo Gonzalez showed me to never give up, it's never to late to go for your dreams. Never give up on the goals you have, you should pursue them no matter what. People should never settle down, you can always go back to school to make something of yourself. And achieve your goals and dreams, because it's truly never to late!

He's currently working for Pomona Valley Hospital as a Radiology Tech, he has been for the past 14 years. he didn't do the best in high school. He became a young father, so he wanted to have a better life for his child, and he decided to go back to school and get his degree in Radiology.

Location: Pomona, CA

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