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I hope to learn more about life in the real world and what the owner of a well-known business thinks about what I should do to become "somebody" in the world. I want to find out how he got where he is, and what he would have done different if he could live life over again, if anything.


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  • Leader: Stacey Fitters
  • Occupation: Restaurant Owner
  • Company: Fitters' 5th Street Pub
  • Industry: Food Service & Hospitality
  • Interests: Entrepreneurship, Food

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A person can do anything they want to do as long as they work hard for it. It's not always going to be easy. You have to dig deep sometimes and fight through tremendous adversity to get to where you want to be in life.

Mr. Fitters is a former airman in the United States Air Force who got into the restaurant business after he got discharged. He owns two restaurants, one in Sedalia, MO, and one in Warrensburg, MO.

Location: Sedalia, MO

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