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The purpose of my Road Trip is to gather information and advice on how it was they came about their profession as well as what it was that drove them in pursuing that career and how or if i can apply that to my current and future experiences relating to that career.


COE 1323 Career and Academic Planning Section 1

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  • Leader: Mitchel Creel
  • Occupation: Lawyer
  • Company: Creel Law Firm
  • Industry: Law and Politics
  • Interests: Law

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From this conducting this interview i learned that you will have difficulties along the way but you must never give up if it is something you are passionate about. Mr. Creel gave the advice to follow your passion and that is what i will take most from this interview.

Mr. Creel mentioned being on the streets growing up, i was nervous to question that further so i just imagined he did not have the easiest life. He pushed through those difficulties and went to college for buisness and later discovered his passion was Law although he didn't see it as a passion at the time. He went on to law school and became the successful lawyer he is today. The obstacles he faced with being so passionate about his career cost him his marriage but he still did not let that get in his way.

Location: Greenville, MS

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