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The purpose of my Road Trip is to gather information and advice on how it was they came about their profession as well as what it was that drove them in pursuing that career and how or if i can apply that to my current and future experiences relating to that career.


COE 1323 Career and Academic Planning Section 1

Nicholas Hyer

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  • Leader: Jimmy Sherman
  • Occupation: Attorney
  • Company: James Noble Attorney at Law
  • Industry: Law and Politics
  • Interests: Law

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From my interview with Mr. Sherman i will keep with me that i can find my passion anywhere, that all you have to do is look and to never let things get you down when following your passion.

Mr. Sherman started out unsure of what it was he wanted to do and through experiences with his roommate in college he found his passion. He now has his own buisness and is very successful, and encourages me and his son to do what it is we will love.

Location: Leland, MS

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