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By creating my Roadtrip, I hope to develop a path for my life. I want to discover which road I should take, and acquire the knowledge of how to get there.


COE 1323, Section 4

Cassandra Latimer

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  • Leader: Chrissy Heard
  • Occupation: Owner of Oatland Stables
  • Company: Oatland Stables
  • Industry: Business and Management
  • Interests: Entrepreneurship

Mrs. Heard gave me the advice that I should follow whatever I think is best for myself. I don't need to listen to any noise in my life, just my heart. Also, she said that a business degree is extremely valuable. In every profession, it pays to have some sort of degree in business.
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Mrs. Heard started her business off by asking her dad for a loan. By helping her out, her father helped her create an extremely successful business. Oatland Stables is her company that she owns in Gaithersburg, Maryland. Over 28 years, she has made something amazing out of something small. Currently, she is traveling between her business in Maryland, and her home in Columbus, Mississippi.

Location: Columbus, MS

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