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My purpose on this road trip is to discover what I want to do with MY LIFE. I'm currently at a clueless fork in the road deciding whether or not I should take the "easy" way out in life and go with a career that will make me lots of money and grant me great health benefits and blahh bla-blahh bla-blahhh...., or if I should take the path of the unknown and discover what else life has to offer. Most importantly I want to be one of those lucky few later in life that happily say they...


COE 1323 Section 2

Chaiqua Harris

Home Base:
Mississippi State University Career Center


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  • Leader: Amy Fountain
  • Occupation: Communications Teacher
  • Company: Mississippi State University
  • Industry: Education
  • Interests: Music, Art/Design, Film/TV/Radio, Entertainment, Philanthropy, Writing

She explained that everything will gradually happen in its own pace. She also explained that this was a good time to eliminate all of the undecided factors I have in front of me.

Mrs. Amy explained that it did not take her long to figure out her major. She explained that she eliminated certain things out of the way early on, so that she could figure things out faster.

Location: Mississippi State University, MS

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