Rallia Vasquez


I want to find my career in writing and what my intersets are. I want to know how this can lead me to finding my everlasting road of happiness.


The Red Rubber Ball Society

Adam Bollhoefer

Home Base:
Timber Creek High School


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  • Leader: Melanie Monte
  • Occupation: film producer and photography
  • Company: self employed
  • Industry: Film/Television/Radio
  • Interests: Film/TV/Radio

She said really good points like you should go for the career that your passionate about. Go for a job that you enjoy and if it's two things you like then do them both. Also when picking a career, you have to be willing to learn anything and do everything you can to learn about the subject because it can get you places in life.

She had a hard time with her life and went to college really late into film but did photography on the side. Now she is deciding what career to choose since she likes both jobs.

Location: orlando, FL

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