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We are touring Bloomington, Illinois in hope of knowledge on possible careers that could change our lives forever. We will interview people from all walks of life with a focus on criminal justice as we hope to take our lives off cruise control and grab ahold of the wheel. Their are so many possibilities out there and we don't want to miss our calling, for the knowledge we gain will help us find a job we love.


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  • Leader: Sharon Murphy
  • Occupation: Criminal Justice Analyst
  • Company: Bloomington Police Department
  • Industry: Public Service
  • Interests: Government

Her best advice was to find a job that we love and fits us, and if we find in the end we don't like the job dont be afraid to change paths because its going to be apart of who you are and your not going to want to be stuck in a job you dread everyday. Pretty much make sure you really want to do it and redirect to something else if you realize its not for you.

Sharon Murphy is a Criminal Justice Analyst and has been for 15 years. Currently she has a degree in psychology; she intended to go to law school however ended up deciding by her third year in college that it wasn't really for her. She has worked at a local prosecution office and worked her way up to the felony division and state narcotics work force. Which is what helped her start her career as a criminal justice analyst. Where she worked at both the state and federal level. She loves what she does every day because she never knows what will cross her desk. Meaning she has something new to do every day. Sharon's training consists of a crime analyst course called Anacapa which is done out in California it is a 4 hour basic analyst course. They use analyst book in which is I-2, and pen link which is another analyst tool. She finds that the job is a part of who she is even though it sometime becomes difficult especially when the case is on a fellow co-worker which is something you can never train for. But in the end her real job and excitement of the day is when she goes home every night and her children run over to her asking her "mom did you catch any bad guys today". In a sense her job has made her a hero in her children's eyes.

Location: Bloomington, IL

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