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1)The purpose of my interview will be to find out what all I need to study, or what tips I can get heading into the web design field. And to make sure that it is something I want to do for a career,


CG 130 Spring 2012

Arlene McCashew

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Portland Community College


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  • Leader: Matt Jensen
  • Occupation: Web designer
  • Company: Freelance
  • Industry: Technology and Manufacturing
  • Interests: Art/Design

I was glad to hear that this is a good field to get into as long as you can take feedback that may be a little harsh sometimes. I think I will stick with this choice for a career, and see what I need to do in order to get a degree. Matt never went for a degree he did take some classes to sharpen up his skills, but he has been playing with computers for a long time. I myself am okay with computers, so I think getting a degree would be in my best interest.

Matt enjoys what he does for a living he makes his own schedule, and has many thank you letters from his clients. His hobbies are computers, and video games. He told me technology is not going to stop growing within our lifetime, so anything related to technology is a great field to get into.

Location: Gladstone, OR

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