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My purpose In this road-trip is to find my purpose in life and why i should be the person i want to be. I want to find my life's work and never work a day in my life.


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  • Leader: Jeff Kinney
  • Occupation: Author and Game designer and Co-founder
  • Company: Strand Headquarters
  • Industry: Public Service
  • Interests: Art/Design, Film/TV/Radio, Entertainment, Writing

We should never give up on our dreams even though they may sound silly but they can still happen. He tried many times to have his comic published in newspaper but many times he was rejected. So he kind of actually gave up and started his way to computers. While there he went into a company for games and he saw a even greater opportunity to publish his book there too.There he saw that there were so many views for his book that they made him a deal and published his first book. Not only that but he also successfully made a game in the site called "Poptropica."

He writes the famous story of diary of a wimpy kid and not only that put he wonderfully made a game for kids 5-18 of adventures that you can learn from or just enjoy.

Location: Los angeles, CA

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