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In our Roadtrip we want to accomplish a lot of different things in gerneral, but in reality we have to get down to the core and actually think about what we want to get out of this whole thing. A couple of things we had in common that we would like to get out of this was -Reasuring our selves on our future career. - Learn the obstacles they had to overcome. - Overall expand our knowledge. We didnt really have any different ideas because we all came together and narrowed it down to these 3 Point



Michelle Peyton

Home Base:
South San Francisco High School


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  • Leader: Maria Orozco
  • Occupation: Cosmetologist/ Salon Owner
  • Company: Vertigo Hair Salon
  • Industry: Business and Management
  • Interests: Medicine, Education

In this interview I learned a lot about her and to not judge a book by it's cover because it seemed like she was "Living the life" and came from a wealthy family. But resulted she went through a lot of obstacles to be where she is today, it reminded me some what of me because I'm not the richest but nor the poorest; and I know I will have to work hard if i want to really succeed in life. She gave us a lot of information but the 2 things that she really wanted us to take along with us was the fact to actually do what you want to do and be where you want to be. That will lead you to where ever you want in life and will help you succeed. Over all it was a very deep and good interview and experience a new feeling in life.

Her name is Maria Orozco and she is currently a Cosmetologist/Salon Owner in SSF, C.A and her business name is Vertigo Hair Salon. She used to be a Medical Assistant, and she very much enjoyed her part in it but soon noticed that she much enjoyed business as well. Soon she opened up a little shop and over time now has a salon of her own and is learning more and more every day.

Location: SSF, CA

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