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My purpose is to decide what I want to be when I get older. To do that I will be asking others to tell me about their experience, what they did to accomplished what they want or what they are currently doing.


Digital Media 2

James Brown

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  • Leader: Mirsha Torres
  • Occupation: Student interested in the Medical Field
  • Company: Student
  • Industry: Medicine and Health
  • Interests: Medicine

I really enjoyed interviewing Mirsha because he gave really good responses to what I asked. He was a great person to interview because he is around my age and interested in the same career as me.

Mirsha Torres is a student interested in going into the medical. He is really focused and determined to accomplish his goal. He is currently a senior but not for long since graduation is just a couple days away. He is very excited to go achieve his goals and knows how to get where he wants to be.

Location: Napa, CA

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