Rosina Labeaune


The whole purpose of my roadtrip is being able to help myself and build up myself as a whole person in order to be able to help myself in the future. I hope that this experience and adventure will find it's way into my life so it can affect the person i am and the person I want to become without relying on others to do the work for me. Because if that happens, what is the point of being yourself if you aren't able to help yourself? I want to discover me.



Tara Klasna

Home Base:
Aliso Niguel High School



  • Leader: Mike McCartin
  • Occupation: Judge
  • Company: Orange County Superior Court in Santa Ana
  • Industry: Law and Politics
  • Interests: Entrepreneurship, Law, Sports, Education, Politics, Government

He was a very inspiring person. He told us what we wanted to know in depth and then also answered some questions we never really thought about. He was very nice and because of his luck and enjoyment in the field of law, makes me want to pursue such a career with the same zeal he has.

Michael, or Mike, McCartin is a judge at the Orange County Superior Court. He didn't know what he wanted to be in high school, but he finally decided to go into law. After practicing law for 20 years he decided to become a judge and has been working as a judge for about 20 years.

Location: Aliso Viejo, CA

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