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team purpose is to go out and explore the places that have interested us and have wanted to explore for a while. one of the people in the team actually wants to got to road island. we decided we would go while we make our round trip from california to oragon to washington to canada to new york to road isalnd to new jersey and to any other place that we think of along the way. doing the roadtrip will give us some sort of experience to ife and the things that will come at us.




Karin Howard

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Leader: bob hideki
Occupation: profesional chef
Company: olive garden

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the begining! ^-^

so we have been planning for a while now to go on a roadtrip right after graduation. melissas dad has already offered to pay for all of the gas that we will need and any hotels or motels that we stop (read more)

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before the interview

so before the interview of course we had to call to make an appointment. we had the appointment made official three weeks before and we were all nervous as can be. we came up with a list of (read more)

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Start Date: 01/28/2011
Start Location: Littlerock, CA
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