Lauralee Fant


I hope to get insight from this project! That is the main goal! Hopefully this will make my "choosing a career" journey a little easier. I want to find the career that I will be passionate about!




Great job on your Roadtrip Project! You've been working hard, and for that we just have one thing to say...You're awesome. Keep it up!


Snap Happy

(2-5 photos) Sometimes pictures say 1,000 words, so it's no wonder why you love snapping away on your camera. Congrats on building your photo collection!


Field Reporter

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Fresh Filmer

(1 video) Wow, who's that fresh filmer struttin' down the street? Oh, it's you! Awesome job on uploading your first video! Can't wait to see more!


Diehard Director

(2 videos) And...CUT! Oh, sorry—didn't mean to barge in on your filmmaking. Congrats on uploading two videos to your Roadtrip Project. You rock!



(3+ videos)! You eat, breathe, and sleep filmmaking—just can't stay away from that camera and tripod, can ya?


Conversation Starter

(2 interviews) You know how to get the ball rolling when it comes to speaking with Leaders. With two interviews done, you're a natural Conversation Starter! Way to go!


COE 1323 Section 4

Nicholas Hyer

Home Base:
Mississippi State University Career Center


Attribution Creative Commons


Leader: Angie Bain
Occupation: Speech Pathologist
Company: Desoto County School District

Industry: Education
Interests: Medicine, Science/Technology, Education

Interview Reflection: I absolutely loved this interview. I am pretty certain that I have now made my decision to pursue a career in...(read more)


Leader: Tim Liddy
Occupation: Pharmacist
Company: Liddy's Health Mart

Industry: Medicine and Health
Interests: Entrepreneurship, Medicine, Science/Technology

Interview Reflection: This interview gave me a lot of insight on how to stay motivated and focused. It was nice to have somebody to...(read more)



Green RV at MSU

After learning about Roadtrip Nation over the semester, I thought that actually getting to see the Green RV was really cool. The roadtrippers were really nice and had great advice! It made me (read more)

Written on November 2, 2011 at 4:18pm


My Cold-Calls turned out successful! My first call was comfortable because it was to a good family friend! My second call, I was a little more nervous because it was to an acquaintance. Both of the (read more)

Written on November 13, 2011 at 5:28pm

Interview Questions

There are many things I want to ask in my interviews. This includes questions such as: Would you consider yourself successful? How does networking affect job hunting? How did you decide what you (read more)

Written on November 13, 2011 at 9:13pm


I expect to get a lot of good information and advice from each of my interviews! I am really excited about my first interview with a speech pathologist. I hope it turns out as well as I expect it to! (read more)

Written on November 13, 2011 at 9:29pm


My interviews were so helpful. I would like to think that now, after getting insight, that I am on the right path in choosing the right career for myself. These interviews definitely have the best (read more)

Written on November 14, 2011 at 1:38pm

Start Date: 10/28/2011
Start Location: Mississippi State, MS
Total Interviews: 2
Miles Logged:
End Date: 10/30/2011
End Location: Mississippi State, MS

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