Lucky Stars

Purpose: Our team purpose first and foremost is to help each other the best way we can. We know and understand........

Educator: Stacy Ivery

School: Riverside Community College - Summer Work Experience Program

The Road of Champions

Purpose: The purpose of this road would be to inspire student athletes to perform to the best of their abilities........

Educator: Susan Smith

School: River City High School

Generation Adolescents

Purpose: The purpose of our team is to figure out how to follow our own career path. We are in a team together........

Educator: Halbert Bynum

School: Center for Advanced Research and Technology

The Pathway

Purpose: In my roadtrip, I would like to be able to focus in on what major I like the best. I have to choose between........

Educator: Angie Chrestman

School: Mississippi State University Career Center


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1 to 50 of 365 results