finding fashion

Purpose: The purpose of this road trip is to have the ability to speak up and find out what you want to do in........

Educator: Gina Broesamle

School: Huntington Beach High School

I am a seed of science

Purpose: The purpose of this roadtrip is to explain the job of an English teacher to anyone who wants to know.........

Educator: Stacey Bush

School: Phillip O. Berry Academy of Technology High School

Braden Bound- A Journey to Find Myself

Purpose: The purpose of this project is to interview people who have been successful in a career that interest........

Educator: Nicholas Hyer

School: Mississippi State University Career Center

Cross Country

Purpose: Our team purpose is to travel to small cities and farm areas in order to visit with people in many varying........

Educator: Tom Bowling

School: Frostburg State University


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1 to 50 of 339 results
1 to 50 of 339 results