The Kung Fu Latinos

Purpose: Our purpose is to interview as much professions as many so we can get a better idea of the carers we........

Educator: Melissa Jones

School: Roseville High School

adidas all stars

Purpose: To learn on how to interact with business owners, learn about their every day lives and jobs and to help........

Educator: Phillip Clarke

School: South San Francisco High School

The Purple Smoothies Manifesto

Purpose: Turn up, Tune in, and Time out......

Educator: Debra McKinnon

School: Lawton Chiles High School

Crystals Roadtrip Nation Project

Purpose: My purpose in to dive into the work and life of a Midwife. I want to find out what they had to do to........

Educator: Terry Rafter Carles

School: Valencia College


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1 to 50 of 361 results
1 to 50 of 361 results