Operation_ Icing on Top

Purpose: Show not only myself but everyone out there we CAN accomplish our dream no matter how silly and insignificant........

Educator: Laurie Jocham

School: Godinez Fundamental High School

The Fasinating World of Forensic Science

Purpose: The during my road trip "The Road To Margaret !" I plan dive in and search for what really........

Educator: Robin Acosta

School: Riverside Gateway to College

dreams on the road

Purpose: My purpose for the roadtrip nation project is to find my path in life, by interviewing and metting new........

Educator: Melissa Jones

School: Roseville High School

Elizabeth and the Guys

Purpose: What we hope to get out of this Road-trip is to be able to learn about their experiences and what they........

Educator: Rogelio Padilla

School: Santiago High School


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1 to 50 of 386 results
1 to 50 of 386 results