Roadtrip Nation AVID

Roadtrip Nation has partnered with AVID to help students align their passions to college and careers.

Combining Roadtrip Nation’s self-discovery learning model with AVID’s methods for effective instruction, Roadtrip Nation: AVID helps students put career and college planning into the context of their own lives. Introspective exercises are paired with real-world learning opportunities and aligned with AVID core standards to help students make informed academic and career decisions that reflect who they aspire to become.

The Roadtrip Nation Experience: 10th Grade AVID

This project-based curriculum exposes AVID students to different career possibilities as they navigate an interview archive with thousands of professionals across diverse industries. Students will learn to work collaboratively as they research, plan, and contact professionals to interview in their own community to find out what it takes to achieve their career goals. Program components combine WICOR standards with creative career-exploration activities to help students build self-efficacy, soft skills, and their knowledge of what is possible for their future.


  • 12 online lessons: each includes a lesson video, supplemental text, and reflective questions
  • AVID students featured in lesson videos
  • A project in which students interview a local professional working in a field that interests them
  • Aligned to AVID and 10th grade Common Core State Standards for English

Roadtrip Nation Exploration: 8th Grade AVID

This blended learning curriculum for 8th grade AVID students facilitates self-discovery, exposure to career pathways, and collaboration with peers. Eight online lessons guide students through a journey to discover their interests, using research, goal-setting, and real-world learning to foster investment in the future. The final project brings career exploration to life as students conduct an interview in their AVID classroom with a community professional.


  • 8 online lessons: each includes a lesson video, supplemental text, and online activities

  • AVID collaboration and reading strategies integrated into all lesson plans
  • A culminating Roadtrip Nation Interview organized by the educator (meets AVID recommendation of having a class speaker)
  • Aligned to AVID and Common Core State Standard for middle school

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