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Cold Call Insights

“The most important thing i learned during my cold call is it is nerve racking... However once your cold call is all done it is all worth it and you feel a sigh of relief once it is all done. ”

Samantha, Edmeston Central School, Finding My Way Through The Storm

“It is really important to keep a positive attitude no matter what the outcome is and to always be polite to the person you are talking with.”

Lucy, Edmeston Central School, On My Way

“The most important thing is to know what you are saying and be short and concise. If it takes you too long to get to the point you may lose interest from the person you are calling. Also, if you sound rude the person you are calling will not want to carry on a conversation with you. My job over the summer of 2015 included calling local artists to get their updated information for the AIE Catalog. Which required me to write down what I wanted to say before I called so that I could be short and concise. ”

Cayla, Edmeston Central School, Designing my Road of Uncertainty to Success

“Not to overthink anything. You have to be confident because you are not always going to get a "no". Never stop trying. I got the first call I made and it happened to be the person I wanted to interview the most. Although the interview was rescheduled three times, i managed to achieve my goal and finish my interview.”

Trista, Edmeston Central School, Finding my passion in Nursing

“The most important thing I learned from my cold call was that if you do a practice round with friends or family, you will be less nervous. I also kept it in my head that the wost someone can say is no. So I took that advice and it motivated me to have confidence.”

Frances, Roadtrip Nation High School, Roadtrip to Happiness

“Be casual and normal”

Jacy, Notre Dame High School Belmont, The world of little kids

“First call, I should speak up and talk clearly. I learned that I should make a list of questions, cause I forgot a few of them, I din't get to ask. Be more excited. ”

Jared, Pacific Coast High School, JROD Adventure

“Everyone has different life, different struggles they need to face, but the good side of them are always special and belong to their memories, when you are confused about your life, go interview someone's life, listen to them, I found out it's really helpful to be on my own track again, it encourages me to keep doing what I love to do.”

lubin, Notre Dame High School Belmont, Die with Memories, not with dreams

“I learned that it is important to suppress your fear when making a Cold-Call. In fact, Cold-Calling is something you should be excited about because it gives you the opportunity to open new doors that can lead potential pathways of success. Even though Cold-Calling can be intimidating, it is better to try rather than to not try at all. What do you have to lose?”

Allison, Notre Dame High School Belmont, Finding My Passion, My Purpose, and Myself

“That talking to people you don't know is not as scary as you think and if you're willing to learn they are willing to tell you.”

Leshay, Mt. Wachusett Community College, Journey into the business world

“That talking to people on the phone is not as hard as it seemed.”

Alex, Mt. Wachusett Community College, Road to Success

“It is a lot easier than expected. Stay calm, know what you want to say, and try not to sound like a robot. Speak clearly so the person on the other end of the phone can understand you.”

Gabbie, Mt. Wachusett Community College, Blast Through The Past

“It is very awkward for me but I knew the person i called so it was not as bad. I wrote down what i wanted to say first and made the call while i was in my room alone.”

Anastasia, Mt. Wachusett Community College, Roadtrip to Success

“That even though you think that everything is going to go horribly wrong and people will think you're request is a bit odd, there is always someone out there who will help you. Also, I learned to just be confident and not to care what anyone else thinks. (I'm not sure if this is the appropriate response, but I feel like that is a major takeaway.) ”

Zoe, Mt. Wachusett Community College, The 'What in the World Will I Do With My Life?' Journey

“That cold calls are not actually as scary as you would think they would be. If you fail it's really no big deal.”

Nathan, Mt. Wachusett Community College, Cross contry

“I learnt from the first cold call that people are far more lenient on cold calls when it's a girl that calls. I already knew this, but it was nice having confirmation”

nicholas, Mt. Wachusett Community College, The Most Amazing Roadtrip Of A Weird & Wacky Writer