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Cold Call Insights

“The most important thing I learned from making cold-calls is to not worry about getting rejected.”

Makaili, Kea'au High School, Adventure

“The most important thing I learned from the "cold calls" was that when you have you're script and you read over it, the "cold-calls" was easier because you weren't struggling to say what you want. ”

Imani, AVID UNC Asheville & Asheville City Schools AVID Partnership (AVID Summer Bridge), My Road to Making A Difference

“The most important thing i learned is that close mouths don't get fed. That we fear that if we do or say something that it will fail... Well... if we don't ask we get the same result. only in the leap of faith... the act of putting ourselves out there, do we truly have a chance.”

Allan, Sierra College, Creativity Catalyst

“I have learned that meeting new people can be scary but in the end it is fun to meet new people. You never know, you might get to know things that you maybe didn't know before”

Ashlie, Sierra College, Ashlie's Road Trip

“The most important thing I learned from my cold calls is that cold calling is hard work. People never answer the phone, and if they do you have to use every persuasive bone in your body to help set up an interview with them. Whatever happens, keep calling, and good things will happen. ”

Alexander, Sierra College, My Journey

“i was supper nervous about making a cold call, ive learned that in making a cold call you will get rejected but thats okay, i will keep trying to get in contact with them. i was defiantly nerve racking and quite an experience.”

Samuel, Sierra College, The final road

“Well I didnt have any cold calls but, after my first interview I adjusted how I introducted myself and asked the questions. Splint, the first pilot I interviewed was one of the older guys and was pacient with me while I flipped back and fourth writting thigns down. So from this I adjusted my binder and had a few questions ready to go without having to look at the papers. ”

Chris, Sierra College, Chris's Condescending Catastrophic Killer Search

“This is definitely a way of preparing me for any future calls on the phone for any business situations or imporant phone calls.”

Caleb, Sierra College, My Path

“I learned to be clear and let the person know of why I was calling. I also learned to leave a good voicemail to make sure that the person calls me back.”

Mariya, Sierra College, NEW LIFE!

“I get nervous when talking to people sometimes specially when I'm put on the spot, so when calling these successful people I start to studer and sleer my words. It helped to have a note pad to read what I wanted to say, instead of just winging it and making it seem like your just wasting their time. The first few times I called I got no answer and it seemed like a set back and that i wasn't going to get a hold of the person I wanted to interview, but you just got to stay persistent like applying for a job interview. ”

Matthew, Sierra College, The Fuel Behind my Roadtrip

“I was very nervous at the beginning, It all began with me running into this gentleman at my local grocery store that I work at. When he gave me this flyer for the event he's hosting he gave me his phone number for an event this upcoming Sunday, I was also asked at my store that I will be working this event at a tradeshow representing the grocery store. I gave a call back with the news that the event is on the same day and I will not be able to make it. With that apology as the introduction to my conversation, it was easier for me to feel comfortable and he could understand that I was sincere. Moving forward I felt relaxed asking him if it would be ok if I could reschedule or be able to take a bit of his time, to grab some coffee so I could possibly get to catch his story and perhaps seek guidance from where he is at in his life. ”

John, Sierra College, Reality Reflex

“They might not answer the first time around, but don't give up on trying to get a hold of them.”

Olivia, Vanden High School , One photograph at a time

“In making cold calls, I learned that it's most important to stay patient and persistent. People always have things going on, and if they are not able to help you right away give it a bit of time and come back to them.”

Braden, Vanden High School , Learning the Foundation for a Solid Future

“The most important thing is know what you are saying, don't make the conversation sound so scripted, talk like how you would normally talk. ”

Gabriel, Vanden High School , A Straight Forward Journey

“I had a bit of a Warm-Lead with my interviewee, but I was still extremely nervous. I'd have to say that it was very useful having a script to go off of, and that if you think of it more as a "professional" conversation (not something stressful and super important) it helps to ease your nerves. ”

Abigail, Vanden High School , An Exploration of the Most Abstract of Topics: My Future

“You have to know what your gonna say and be polite when doing it. Don't be nervous to do it and let your phone call flow with the conversation. ”

magaly, Del Mar High School, A trip into medicine