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Cold Call Insights

“The most important thing is know what you are saying, don't make the conversation sound so scripted, talk like how you would normally talk. ”

Gabriel, Vanden High School , A Straight Forward Journey

“I had a bit of a Warm-Lead with my interviewee, but I was still extremely nervous. I'd have to say that it was very useful having a script to go off of, and that if you think of it more as a "professional" conversation (not something stressful and super important) it helps to ease your nerves. ”

Abigail, Vanden High School , An Exploration of the Most Abstract of Topics: My Future

“You have to know what your gonna say and be polite when doing it. Don't be nervous to do it and let your phone call flow with the conversation. ”

magaly, Del Mar High School, A trip into medicine

“I learned to not be so nervous and its hard to get a hold of anybody that works in a hospital.”

Marisol, Merlo Station High School, Marisol's Roadtrip

“Most important thing I learned from making my Cold-Call log is to not get too overwhelemed because it's much more easier than you think. Also making cold-calls is a great way to get more experience on making phone calls to businesses and to professional people that you may want to communicate with.”

priscella, Merlo Station High School, A trip to remember

“The most important thing i've learned from Cold-calling was the girl i interviewed. She was amazing and had her head on straight. Had everything under her belt and had a home before she went back to school. She is someone I will Always look up to ”

Hanniah, Merlo Station High School, The Higher Step

“The most important thing I learned from making my Cold-Calls was that there is no use in being nervous, it'll only ruin your chances. Seriously, like this is someone you don't know and that's frightening, but since it's someone you don't know it doesn't matter if they don't like you because if they don't then you never have to see them or speak with them again. And if it goes well then BAM! you have your interview and maybe a new mentor/role-model. ”

Aarin, Merlo Station High School, Sharp Edges and Narrow Bridges

“That you have to be persistent. Even though people might be busy you have to keep trying. Cold calling can be scary but it can get easier as time goes by and you do more cold calls it gets easier. It is just a phone call it is super low risk. ”

sean, San Francisco, Sean's adventure

“I contacted my leader's via email, and my experience through email is that not everyone will contact you back but other's will be happy to conduct an interview.”

Kiersten, Morristown, My Adventure

“The most important thing I've learned is to be prepared and to take a breath and realize the person on the other end of the phone is a human just as you are. I was very nervous to do my cold call but having a written intro and some tips in front of me made it a lot easier. When my interviewee said yes I was very excited and felt relieved. ”

brianna, Jacksonville University , Brianna Valente

“The most important thing I learned from making a Cold-Call was that the dental assistant I interviewed told me that whatever I wanted to be, I had to work hard, and she told me that when she was in high school, she wanted to become a orthodontist, but sooner in college she realized she loved helping the dentist so she became a dental assistant.”

Gehan, California Connections Academy @ Ripon, The Gateway to Success!

“To not accept failure and to keep moving forward.”

Jimmy, Oliver Wendell Holmes High School, The Future Wonderer Roadtrip. (as hosted by Jimmy.F) (No not Jimmy Fallon)

“The most important thing I learned from making my cold calls is to be prepared and expect anything. Most likely, the first person you call isn't going to be the one and that's okay. Because the feeling you get when you find the one you are going to interview is great.”

Roslynn, Oliver Wendell Holmes High School, Ros's Roadtrip

“to stay calmed and listen and be ready for any given information and to always be on task and respectful during the call”

tashane, Oliver Wendell Holmes High School, Imagination

“Making the Cold-Call , I learned that its not easy. Looking for someone and trying to get a hold of that person was really difficult. Actually talking to the person and setting up the interview was really exciting , knowing the fact that I got out of my comfort zone to call someone and get a interview . Its such a good experience to experience. ”

nancy, Oliver Wendell Holmes High School, Journey To Success

“The most important thing that I learned from making your Cold-Call is that you need to be confident and not be shy. I was a little bit nervous but I did it. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. You need to know what you need to say or else you will stumble or stutter. You should be loud and clear with the person you are talking to so that they will understand what you are trying to say. You should always have a paper with what you will say or memorize what you will say. ”

Kiran, Gateway College Preparatory, Experiencing The World