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Creativity Catalyst

  • Class: Personal Development 6 Career Planning
  • Educator: Catherine Morris
  • Home Base: Sierra College

My Roadmap

I mashed up my Interests to direct me down my own road. Take the Roadmap quiz for yourself!


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My Roadmap


My Manifesto

My Manifesto

My Manifesto " not afraid of greatness. Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon ’em." - William Shakespeare, "Twelfth Night" Do we willingly favor turning a blind eye? Do we find solace in our ignorance? Fearful of being moved… Paralyzed by the notion of feeling conviction to  take action…  To make a difference… How embolden is our audacity  That we begrudge society our contributions? How enslaving is our disquietude  for our Greatness, that we quell the embers of our potential from sparking into flame? Illuminating the void in the world that we were meant to fill. Throughout this journey, like a world winded adventure in some epic tale, I have triumphantly came out the other end discovering a plethora about how I see myself. I garnered the tools to now be aware of the noice that has been surrounding me and embolden to chose not listen. I am encouraged by my new found perception and attitude. I have been given a glimpse of the future and the person I have become, the man I have the chance to be, this all is a future worth pointing my compass towards. What I have to contribute to this world, what I have to offer is of worth, who I am is viable. “Ars longa, vita brevis” A Latin phrase(originally from Greek), translated into English as “Art is long, life is short.” Though my time here is short, what I chose to create in my lifetime will echo into forever.

Leader Interview

David Tolbert

OSP Engineer / Senior QC Manager

senior mentor to junior engineers and staff on best practices for construction methods, assuring they understand the contractual requirements, Enforcing corrective action when inadequacies are detected in the program, production of permit sets and development of Work Prints, and final reviewer of drawings prior to the final submission to the client.

What type of route did this leader take?

  • It was straightforward

    "It was straightforward."

  • It was windy

    "It took a while to figure out."

  • It was circuitous

    "I tried everything."

Leader's Work Life

He Wakes up, jumps out of bed, eager take on the challenges of the day head on. He is ecstatic to assist other engineers with quality checks and guidance virtually/digitally through the day, while still balancing his own work load. Mentoring and molding others, building and overflowing those around him his wellspring of knowledge. Even though his average work schedule is 07:30am to fifteen after midnight everyday he is still full of zest.

Leader's Noise

Some of the reacquiring noise my Leader heard throughout his journey was that of family legacy, society's view of a job security, career archetypes , and the verbal and nonverbal comparison of siblings and friends.

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Advice from my Leader

That through handwork and perseverance, he has become the leading subject matter expert in his field. A wealth of knowledge in him, and a moral obligation to pass it along. He implores me to not be stingy with what i have to offer the world out of fear of becoming obsolete or being surpassed. That in spurring those around you, you continue to grow, cultivating a culture that is joyful in seeing others prosper, fearless in wanting to raise the bar and motivated to take on the futures challenges head on.

My Cold-Calls

My Cold-Calls

The most important thing i learned is that close mouths don't get fed. That we fear that if we do or say something that it will fail... Well... if we don't ask we get the same result. only in the leap of faith... the act of putting ourselves out there, do we truly have a chance.

Before and After


Before my Leader Interview I thought the job and the passion had to be one and the same. I now I realize that as long as there is a balance with the life I want to live and my career, I can be happy at a job that is not exactly the same as my passion