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My Journey

  • Class: Personal Development 6 Career Planning
  • Educator: Catherine Morris
  • Home Base: Sierra College

My Roadmap

I mashed up my Interests to direct me down my own road. Take the Roadmap quiz for yourself!


Being Physically Acive

My Roadmap

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My Roadmap


My Manifesto

My Manifesto

My manifesto is to strive to have less self-doubt. I tend to doubt myself in what I do all of the time. The key for me is to realize when I have doubts to question whether those doubts are justified. I find in general though that when I keep my head down and keep striving towards my goals, I usually doubt myself much less and for good reason. Things are never going to be perfect, and thats ok, but it's up to me to do my best and to live with the results whether good or bad.

Leader Interview

Leader photo 1

Jack Paddon

Lead Architect/Planner at Williams + Paddon

My leader basically oversees the projects under contract within his firm.

What type of route did this leader take?

  • It was straightforward

    "It was straightforward."

  • It was windy

    "It took a while to figure out."

  • It was circuitous

    "I tried everything."

Leader's Work Life

70% projects, working with clients and employees 15% business platform of the company 15% reaching out to new clients through cold calls +25% giving back in the community

Leader's Noise

Some of the noise my leader encountered along his journey included the generation which he grew up in the early to mid 70's, when the Vietnam war was going on and people were generally living free and liberated lives. My leader chose instead to focus on making a career for himself as an architect through individual education.

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Advice from my Leader

My leader said that no matter what career I get into, a knowledge of business is beneficial. He also said that at some point I have to stop listening to the noise and just follow my heart.

My Cold-Calls

My Cold-Calls

The most important thing I learned from my cold calls is that cold calling is hard work. People never answer the phone, and if they do you have to use every persuasive bone in your body to help set up an interview with them. Whatever happens, keep calling, and good things will happen.

Before and After


Before my leader's interview, I thought the person I would be interviewing would be very knowledgeable about his profession and what he did to become so successful. After my interview, I realized just how knowledgeable he was not only about his profession, but about how to live a truly successful life for anybody (not just him). He gave me a lot of valuable advice that I will probably hold onto for the rest of my life.