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A trip to remember

  • Class: Today's Careers Hexter 4
  • Educator: Kelly Logan
  • Home Base: Merlo Station High School

My Roadmap

I mashed up my Interests to direct me down my own road. Take the Roadmap quiz for yourself!


Being Physically Acive

My Roadmap

Environment & Nature




Helping People



My Roadmap


My Manifesto

My Manifesto

What school are you going to? Whats your major? You need to be rich, you'll be happy if you're rich. Doctors make tons of money, lawyers too! Medical school is fun, eight years after high school isn't too long. Why do I have to fit in and be like a high income family? Why is everything about money and the top school? Happiness is more important than the car my family drives, or where my family lives. Houses with happy families are better than upset families. Waking up every morning happy is what's mainly important to me. Being happy everyday and smiling when you're working is important to your mental health and everything you need to succeed. Don't let money rule your world.

Leader Interview

Leader photo 1

Jeri Rouleau

Registered Nurse

My Leader Jeri is in her 60's. She absolutely loves her job, every since she was 5 years old she knew she wanted to be an RN. At age 40, she decided to go to nursing school and didnt work while she was in school. She works two days a week in a procedure room in front of the computer mostly. She also preps paceints for surgery, MRI's, X-RAY's and many more things. She has been at Providence for 7 years and feels extremely appreciated by each person she works with.

What type of route did this leader take?

  • It was straightforward

    "It was straightforward."

  • It was windy

    "It took a while to figure out."

  • It was circuitous

    "I tried everything."

Leader's Work Life

An average day in Jeri's job is working long shifts, twice a week. She is preping pacients and taking the scans that need to be taken. She is also communicating a lot with the doctors and assistants to see what else pacients need.

Leader's Noise

Some of the Noise my Leader had along her road is having kids before going to nursing school. Also she held off nursing school until she was 40 years old so she put everything she needed to pay for on credit cards.

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Advice from my Leader

The advice my Leader gave me during the interview was to take time to find the end game and to work for it. She also said find a fix career that you want to do for the rest of your life and work towards your goal that

My Cold-Calls

My Cold-Calls

Most important thing I learned from making my Cold-Call log is to not get too overwhelemed because it's much more easier than you think. Also making cold-calls is a great way to get more experience on making phone calls to businesses and to professional people that you may want to communicate with.

Before and After


Before my Leader interview I thought it was going to be the hardest thing in the world and it was going to be extremely stressful but once I made the calls I knew it was't going to be as hard as i thought. Once I did my Leader interview, I realized that I was just over reacting and it was extremely easy and I would love to re-interview my Leader one more time or even shadow her because she is absolutely in love with her job and I want to be like that when I'm her age!