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The world of little kids

  • Class: Senior Synthesis Block 7
  • Educator: Katherine Warner
  • Home Base: Notre Dame High School Belmont

My Roadmap

I mashed up my Interests to direct me down my own road. Take the Roadmap quiz for yourself!


Being Physically Acive

My Roadmap

Environment & Nature




Teaching / Mentoring



My Roadmap


My Manifesto

My Manifesto

NO REGRETS Thought is already is late, exactly is the earliest time. ~Love Life~ Family, friends, and me~ Enjoy Happiness Treasure all the havings Look Forward Never Give Up

Leader Interview

Ms. Rita Gleason

School Principal

Establish the best education for young women.

What type of route did this leader take?

  • It was straightforward

    "It was straightforward."

  • It was windy

    "It took a while to figure out."

  • It was circuitous

    "I tried everything."

Leader's Work Life

Going to school everyday before anyone and leave later than everyone.

Leader's Noise

Being the first lay principal at a Catholic school

Roadtrip Nation RV

Advice from my Leader

explore a wide variety of topics and find your passion

My Cold-Calls

My Cold-Calls

Be casual and normal

Before and After


Before my Leader Interview I thought everyone face many difficult situations in the careers, but now I realize it is how you perceive the obstacles that come up.