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The Most Amazing Roadtrip Of A Weird & Wacky Writer

  • Class: Miss Gunn'z Graduates of 2016
  • Educator: Sharmese Gunn
  • Home Base: Mt. Wachusett Community College

My Roadmap

I mashed up my Interests to direct me down my own road. Take the Roadmap quiz for yourself!


Being Physically Acive

My Roadmap

Environment & Nature




Being Creative



My Roadmap


My Manifesto

My Manifesto

I believe that everyone can achieve something not only by wanting it, but being desperate enough to want it. We can be anything, but how we get there is the definition and goal. Anyone can be the noise for another, but it takes faith to be able to help that person on their way to greatness. Humanity is a largely stubborn, arrogant, childish species that can't seem to grow up. This doesn't mean I won't help others, I just don't like or dislike the people I'm helping.

Leader Interview

Nancy Moors

Retired computer coder/ Author

She used to be a computer coding engineer, and now as a retired coder went into writing and literature.

What type of route did this leader take?

  • It was straightforward

    "It was straightforward."

  • It was windy

    "It took a while to figure out."

  • It was circuitous

    "I tried everything."

Leader's Work Life

Now that she's retired, she mainly sits by an open window at her desk and writes her books.

Leader's Noise

Nothing really. She had a supporting family.

Roadtrip Nation RV

Advice from my Leader

To keep on going.

My Cold-Calls

My Cold-Calls

I learnt from the first cold call that people are far more lenient on cold calls when it's a girl that calls. I already knew this, but it was nice having confirmation

Before and After


nothing; I don't make preemptive decisions or thoughts. Now I realize computer people often have better skills with literature than with other areas.